A New Feminist Manifesto: The Venus Hologram Project

It was once assumed that the inherent gender differences between men and women signified that women were inferior to men. Because we had “soft hearts” which made us natural caretakers, it was assumed that female minds were not capable of rational thought. We were not trusted to be responsible voters or have a career outside the home. These faulty assumptions sparked the feminst movement.

Over the last 100+ years since feminism began, millions of women have proved ourselves as capable of voting and owning property as men are. We have become doctors, lawyers, factory workers, soldiers,  athletes, scientists, even presidential contenders.


Feminism has therefore succeeded. The original assumption, that women are mentally inferior to men, has been effectively knocked out. We have also seen the resiliency of our hearts, which have continued to compel us to caretake for loved ones and be the moral compass of society, even when it meant our workload was double that of men.

And now we must ask ourselves, Is proving ourselves equal to men ENOUGH for women? Are we satisfied reaching only for those goals which men have attained? Are there other options for us beyond the scope of their abilities?


Now that we’ve elected Barack Obama president, its time to tackle our next otherworldly challenge. This project’s for women. Come on in, ladies, and close the door behind you.         


I’m going to say something we all know but rarely discuss. I’ll be blunt: We are smarter than the men. We are more highly evolved creatures. We should not be being ruled by them. It makes no sense that they have most of the money and power. Have you noticed that the most aggressive, arrogant natures are often rewarded with big salaries? Meanwhile most jobs that require a caring heart pay about 10 bucks an hour. Why is this?


Exactly. We were never meant to be the big winners in their world, the male manifestation of Planet Earth. This place works for people who function best in a climate of lack and fear. Look around. Look at the daily struggle to keep our heads above water. Look at the competition we are forced to engage in whether we like it or not. Look at the filth and the crime and the disease. This place could not have emerged from women’s minds.


One might say, Nobody would want a world with all this struggle and danger; this wouldn’t be anybody’s first choice. But now let’s look at the male mind. We can see its basic layout in purest form in our little boys. Male minds are happiest when battling fear and competing against enemies and conquering difficulties to prove their worth. This same struggle-loving energy in men, this constant inner impulse to battle the forces against them, has been the major force in creating our so-called mutual society.


There’s nothing mutual about it. We’re living in Boys’ World, ladies.


Think about it: Boys LIKE struggle, fighting, danger, conquering, proving themselves. Football, basketball – even their favorite games revolve around battle. Look at girls on the same playground. Sure, some of us genuinely enjoy fighting to win, but for the most part, we prefer jumping rope. Singing, cheering. Caring for babydolls, adorning ourselves. Women like things that make us feel good. Romance novels. Soap operas. Going to spas.


I’m just speaking the truth. It would never occur to us to try to solve any problem with war. And most men would be bored living in the absolute security and peace that we would thrive in.


This gender difference is because of our chakra placement. The chakras, or energy centers, which are activated on the male mindbody suit are the lower chakras – groin, gut, earthly power. Conversely, the female mindbody’s higher chakras are naturally lit up – heart, intuition, connection with the universe. We are literally two different models of the human mindbody.


Over the last century-plus of traditional feminism, even as we absolutely rejected the notion of male superiority, we tacitly accepted their criteria for judging human worth. Thus, as we entered traditionally male arenas, we sought respect by becoming hard and businesslike and battling the forces and struggling stoically and living from our lower chakras the way men do. Yes, a woman can now be president. But she would have to act tough like a man and be pro-war. Meanwhile we’ve ignored, de-valued and even shut down our real power source, the heart and intuitive centers.


Additionally, during our time on fear-based Earth, the female mindbody’s throat chakra has been closed and the males’ has been open. Sure we talk, but we speak their language. That’s how their version of the world got spoken into physical reality and ours didn’t. That’s how gut-based creatures rule in a world that contains higher vibration heart-based creatures. Its also why this next sentence might sound like fantasy to you:

I believe that women only stay here on this planet because we think its the only choice we have.


This current version of earth is quite obviously not the world women would create. And it never will be. We’ll be struggling in their system, following their rules, and cleaning up after their wars and other messes as long as we stay here. We’re wasting our talent here, ladies.  


That’s why I’m presenting The Venus Hologram Project as the next big project for our Yes We Can to-do list. That’s right:


Let’s do it. Let’s start our own planet. Our home planet, a world that feels right to women, a place where our higher chakra-based abilities can be put to use. We have the know-how. We have the technology. We can do this.  


And how do we simply pop a new world into existence? You know. You’ve seen it happen.

A million or so heart chakras combine with a vision, which combines with voice. Then, newly minted pieces of reality which are aligned with that vision begin popping into existence. First a sprinkle, then a torrent.


Then one day you wake up and – although your rational mind might have denied this could happen – you’re living in a whole new world. Reality has shifted. Now a black man named Barack Obama is president, now the world loves America, and, most surprisingly of all, you’ve morphed into a passionate patriot.


Hear this, ladies: We have been cutting off our b*lls by not keeping our heart chakras fully activated. The heart’s power trumps all fear based powers. Money becomes its servant. Fear based institutions topple before it. It can create new worlds.


This isn’t hyperbole or wishful thinking. This.Is.What.We.Just.Saw.Happen during the Obama campaign. We women will be riding that same heart energy toward a vision of our home planet. And the day we wake up on the Venus Hologram, it will be as our ultimate/goddess version of self.


I’m a yogi by the way. I do scientific research on the human mindbody system. I work with this sort of material all the time. The universe has already given me a ton of information about the Venus Hologram, and I’m excited to share it. We’re ready for this, girls. Our time is now.

If the idea of a home planet for women sounds right to you, I suggest giving three easy, long breaths now, in and out the center of the chest. This will begin to plug you in to the higher vibration energy it will take to do the work. This heart breath can gradually return your heart chakra to full activation.


Happy Note: Men who have a substantial amount of heart energy will find themselves living on paradaisical versions of the current earth, which we women will be staying in close interaction with. We will also stay very involved in creating the new America with President Obama.


Btw, Closed-heart men will stay here on the current version of earth. There will probably be very few women remaining.

Homework, for those who want some: Do the heart breath frequently. Slowly and relaxed, focused on the sensations in the heart chakra. Do it as a meditation and also while you’re reading or watching tv. You may notice yourself crying at commercials, but that’s a good sign.

Feel free to ask me questions. And please tell me where else to post and converse about this info.

Make this go viral to all women worldwide!