MIND KEYS: Three Dimensions of Mind By Phaedre Suriyai Christ


I. Introduction


The most advanced  work in the field of human ascension today is done by two distinct groups, yogis and channelers. Yogis work on a micro level, experiencing and tracking actual movements of their inner realms as they ascend.  Channelers work on a macro level, expanding overall knowledge by downloading information from the universe about the multidimensional possibilities inherent in every human being. In other words, the yogi is observing the roads as he drives them, while the channeler is providing an aerial view of the same area and beyond. Both viewpoints, of course, are very helpful to the journey. An irony is that the two paths rarely converge.


A second irony is this: The yogi’s information comes from rigorous observation of her/his own mind, a scientific process which we can comprehend and trust intellectually. Conversely, the channeler receives facts about the ascension process from unseen higher dimensions. We accept channeled information as true when it “feels” absolutely correct to us on a deep vibrational level. The irony is that for human beings to truly believe anything, on any subject – to Know that something is true – it must both make sense to us intellectually and feel absolutely correct in our soul. This is another reason why yoga and channeling complement each other in the quest to expand what we know to be true about human ascension.


This study is by a yogi who channels. The two fields are combined in a discussion informed by channeled beings, regarding findings about the mind gathered in my own inner work. For over three years my partner and I have been receiving channeled guidance from a group of beings led by Babaji, Jesus, Buddha and Mary, the Divine Mother. Together, we are working on a project designed to advance human understanding of who we as human beings truly are, and of the powers of manifestation that we all inherently possess in our mindbody system.


Our project is interested in the idea of rapid ascension. Using data observed in our own yogic investigations, we study which steps are the most crucial to human ascension, in order to streamline the process. We have found that one of the most critical steps is one that is fundamental to the advanced yogic path: understanding what thought is, in order to ascend beyond it. Only in the realm beyond thought can we know – understand  intellectually as well as vibrationally feel – who we are as human beings. This is self-realization. It is a process which can take years, even decades, on a traditional yogic path, as the yogi travels step by step through the winding labrynith of the mind. Understanding thought is the first critical step to assuming full power manifestation – consciously creating through intention, without limitations – which Jesus and others who have achieved mastery of the mindbody system assure us is our birthright as humans.   


This study discusses the three dimensions of mind which are most readily accessible to all human beings during the present era. The purpose of this study is to provide both ground and aerial views of information needed to understand  what thought is, and the mind’s impact on our powers of manifestation.




II.  Glossary of Terms Used In This Paper


Some of the terms used in this study may be unfamiliar or may differ from definitions found elsewhere.  Therefore I provide you with a glossary of common terms.



The Being/Self – Source energy  in the form of the christ, either pure or merged with layers of fear-based vibrations to create a vibrational package which the individual identifies with. The inner aspect of the mbs.


Believe/Know – Having vibrational and intellectual alignment with an idea. In other words, the idea “feels  right” plus it “makes sense”.  Believing in a dimension/knowing a dimension is real causes our focus to be in that dimension. This is the way we choose to exist in that dimension.


Consciousness – Pure awareness . The lens which is mind delineates some object/aspect of life, and our consciousness perceives it. Consciousness/Mind = Sight/Lens


The Christ – The pure, perfect seed of God/Source energy, tailored for the human mindbody system. It may also be called the “immaculate conception vibration”. This vibrational seed is present in all human beings; other vibrations may be layered over it. This does not mean individual humans are identical at core; each human is a unique intention, ie, is expressing a unique aspect of Source energy.


Dimensions – realities. Each of the three dimensions discussed in this study is identified by an intellectual  foundation (belief infrastructure regarding that dimension) combined with  a vibrational reality (inner feeling which attracts certain types of life situations; see below for a more complete description of vibrations). Every human being has the capacity to exist in various dimensions depending on where he/she focuses the mind. 


Fear – A vibration which can be felt within the mbs. The only vibration that exists besides pure source energy, variations of the fear vibration cover/obscure  the vibration of source energy. All negative  thoughts, beliefs and feelings contain the fear vibration. Created of and by Source energy, as all things are, fear creates the illusion that god is not present.


The Human Mindbody System (MBS) – the complex mechanism for experiencing source energy in the form of human existence. The mbs is the vehicle the christ expresses/experiences through. The mbs consists of the mind and the physical body.


Manifesting – the act of creation. The human being – source energy focused in a human mindbody system – has two capabilities. The first is to be, to exist. The other is to manifest, to create. 


The Material World – The world that our senses perceive  – nature, buildings, cars, objects, people, animals, etc. This term does not include the thoughts/stories about these objects.


Maya – Personification of the aspect of god which uses the tool of fear to create  a veil over the mind, obscuring perception of Source energy. Maya works directly with the mbs to make the illusion of life as separate from god seem both possible and real.


The Mind – an etheric mechanism similar to a lens whose purpose is to allow the being to perceive  life. Depending on what the lens focuses on – the dimension in which the mind is “set”-  the experience of life differs. Ie, just as a blue-colored lens would cause everything seen through it to appear blue, the lens of the mind in 3D contains thought, which causes life to be perceived via thought.


Stories –  Thoughts which in some way partially or fully describe, explain, define and/or relate aspects of the material world.  Stories may address personal or group histories, problems, victories, opinions, interpersonal relationships, political structures , etc.  


Source Energy – The conscious energy which is the common denominator within all objects and beings. Its properties are omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. It can interchangeably be called Life, God, Source Energy, Spirit, The Absolute, Oneness, The Father, The Divine Mother, etc. Source energy can be experienced by the mbs through supremely positive feelings such as love, peace, joy, bliss, freedom, etc. [1]


Thoughts – The words, pictures and impressions which emanate from vibrations and play in/are part of the lens of mind in some dimensions.   


Vibrations – The form through which the human mbs directly experiences Source energy. Similar to musical notes and chords which divide sound to create music, vibrations divide Source energy into subtle inner movements that create the moment by moment identity and existence of every human being. Vibrations are our most fundamental and direct form of communication with ourselves, others, and God, and are the foundation beneath our thoughts and feelings.[2] Some vibrations may be carried by an individual for an entire lifetime while others are transitory. Vibrations within individuals attract life situations which carry matching vibrations.


III.  Brief Overview of the Three Dimensions Discussed in This Study



Third Dimensional (3D) Mind – The lens which is mind is focused on thoughts and stories containing varying concentrations of fear vibration, which are projected onto the material world.  The intellectual  basis of 3D is that life separate from god (fear) is truth. The vibrational make up of a being focused in 3D has a high concentration of  fear/doubt. Although someone focused in 3D might “believe in God” as a general concept, Source energy as an interactive part of everyday life is not perceived.


Fifth Dimensional (5D) Mind – The mind is focused partially on fear-based stories and partially on Source energy.  The intellectual basis of this dimension is that Source energy/God is interacting with the human being to create his/her life. Vibratory reality in 5D contains a higher concentration of pure Source energy than in 3D. The fear vibration is at least minimally present in the being’s vibratory mix through belief in limiting societal belief structures such as death, the monetary system, norms regarding health, etc. 


Seventh Dimensional (7D) Mind – The mind is focused on the vibrations of Source energy/the “now” moment.[3]  There is an awareness/recognition of the christ vibration within the mbs, and identification with it. The intellectual basis for this dimension is “God /Source energy is the substance and cause of all things.” Material world situations and objects are perceived through direct experiencing rather than thoughts about the object. Stories/thoughts – which are not perceived as representing truth – are infrequent and the mind is therefore virtually silent in comparison to 3D and 5D.



It is common for an individual to be focused in more than one dimension. For example:


-a woman who has no awareness of Source energy becomes pregnant for the first time.  As her body is transformed and life is created within her, and as new waves of loving feeling for her baby flow through her, she recognizes the presence of Source energy in this one area of her life.  (3D-5D)


-a man who spends all day at a meaningless job he works only for the money, without enjoying it. At night, he fantasizes about the dream car he plans to buy. (3D with 5D moments)


-a man regularly goes into deep meditative states to channel information from higher dimensions for articles in a new age magazine. He firmly believes in the truth of his channeling. He is also very aware of the politics of the magazine, worries about competition, and uses societal tactics to make sure his articles get published. (5D-7D-3D)


-a yogi does intensive spiritual work and perceives God continuously. He accepts the belief that his body, like all bodies, must one day die. (7D-5D)




IV.  Understanding Thought


A.  What Is Thought?


“Thought” in this study refers to normal, basic, maya-generated thoughts:  The inner voices, pictures and impressions which our consciousness perceives as it looks at the world through the lens of the mind. Thoughts may come in a wide variety of forms including visuals, memories of past verbal exchanges, other people speaking, judgments and opinions, fantasy exchanges of the thinker speaking to another person, etc.

            Every thought is part of a package which includes one or more vibrations.[4] These vibrations interact with the nervous system to create an inner sensation which can be classified as positive, negative or neutral. All maya-generated  thoughts, whether positive, negative, or neutral, contain some vibration, however slight, of fear and/or belief in limitation. This is the main type of thought that occurs in 3D.


Directed Thought: This is thought generated  by the being him/herself. Internally, it sounds similar to basic maya-generated thought, however it has different properties from maya-generated thought and is not as effective in creating conditioned  responses and  programming the being. Affirmations and intentions are examples of directed thought. This type of thought is used mainly in 5D.[5]


Inspired Ideas:  These are thoughts containing pure Source energy vibrations. They may come in words, symbols, or as pure vibrations, and feel more like a “knowing”(something known to be true) than a thought (which begins to seem true only after repetition causes familiarity). These thoughts carry the higher intelligence of the universe and often contain information that is new to the being. This is the type of thought which is used by channelers, psychics, and “great thinkers”such as Einstein. Those focused in 7D use this type of thought to do their “thinking”.


Direct Perception: This occurs when consciousness is focused fully on the present moment, without thought being superimposed on it. In other words, the lens which is mind is clear. This is the 7D basic state of mind. Those focused in 3D or 5D may also experience moments of direct perception while meditating, while immersed in creating artistic work, or during intensified circumstances such as in the midst of a car accident or while practicing extreme sports.[6]





B.  How Maya-Generated Thought Impacts The Human Being



Source energy is perceived directly by the mbs as a vibration. God/Source energy can be “thought about”, but for a being to actually know him/herself as god and thereby activate full manifestation abilities, the mbs must continually experience  (“be in”) the christ vibration and the individual must identify with this vibration.


Maya is a tough and exacting teacher  whose purpose is to wake up human beings to conscious knowing of themselves as the christ vibration. She does this by strategic use of the fear vibration, which creates unpleasant feelings and negative thoughts which, ideally, prompt the being to find his/her true self. Depending on the individual and the dimension they are focused in, maya uses various strategies. Some examples are:



Maya’s methods with beings focused in 3D:


-using negative thoughts to create stressful feelings or illness in the mbs which require the individual to re-evaluate his/her life.


-using negative thoughts to attract unsatisfactory, repetitive life situations which push the individual to look within him/herself for root causes.



Note: It is common for those focused in 3D to avoid, deny or block feeling the negative vibrations through the use of drugs, alcohol, food, incessant activity, television, etc.



Maya’s methods with beings focused in 5D:


-bombarding the mind with a constant barrage of jarring negative thoughts which contradict the positive thoughts the being is attempting to choose through directed thought,  thereby pushing the being to ascend beyond thought.


-creating a mental prison: giving the being positive thoughts only as long as he/she avoids certain subjects, compelling the being to choose between captivity and further inner work.


-lulling the being into a sense of complacency with positive thoughts which are in harmony with limiting societal beliefs, then periodically flooding him/her with crippling negative thoughts and feelings, which require him to re-evaluate his acceptance  of thought.


-using negative thoughts and vibrations to bring attention to hidden belief infrastructures, in order to clear them.



Maya’s methods with beings focused in 7D:


-periodically inserting negative thoughts, whose noise and jarring vibration contrast sharply with the silent, pleasant source energy vibration, to remind the being to stay focused in source energy.


-periodically inserting positive thoughts whose pleasurable feeling attracts the being back into the realm of thought, to remind the being to stay focused in source energy.




C.  How Thought Works


As incredible as it seems to us when we are focused in 3D, the thoughts continually playing in our minds are not emanations of our own voice and they do not reflect the truth of our lives. Rather, thoughts are part of a process to wake us up to our real identity by covering our true self, the christ vibration, with illusory stories. The malleability and programmability of thought becomes apparent in 5D. The irrelevance of thought altogether becomes apparent  in 7D. This irrelevancy can be glimpsed from any dimension by looking in one’s own mind at the following aspects:


+  Maya-generated  thoughts often contradict what the thinker would ideally choose to think.


+  Thoughts generated by maya are normally unrelated to the thinker’s lived reality in that moment. Instead, they seize the thinker’s attention and draw him/her into an illusory world of familiar people and events that is superimposed on his/her actual present reality.


+  Most thoughts give the false impression that we are telling ourselves important information. Logically speaking, why would the mind need to speak to itself, or to tell itself something it already knows?


+ Directed  thoughts – which are the only thoughts the individual purposefully puts forth – are of a different quality, in a different tone, and come at a slower rate than the thoughts put forth by maya. When one uses directed thought, micro-movements occur in the throat; this does not happen with normal thought or inspired ideas.          







Then Why Do We Believe That Our Thoughts Tell Us Our Truth?


The erroneous assumption that thoughts represent truth is the intended result of a complex system.


Behind each thought are one or more charged vibrations which interact with the nervous system. Negative, or fear-based  vibrations impart a painful jolt or burn. Positive vibrations, or those with higher concentrations of pure source energy, impart a pleasant flush. As the vibrations and attached thoughts play over and over in the system and attract similar thoughts, semi-permanent belief infrastructures form in the being.


Most thoughts are rooted in a mix of vibrations. These vibrations are usually subtle to the point of imperceptibility for those focused in 3D and 5D.  Thoughts as well, particularly for those focused in 3D, can go unperceived.  However, whether thoughts and/or vibrations are consciously perceived or not, they still do the same work in the mbs.



Properties of Thought: Maya’s Methods for Making Thought Seem True


1. Anchoring. When a thought subject is introduced for the first time, it is repeated by the mind several times within a short period to anchor it in. The new thought is vibrationally and thematically similar to thoughts already in circulation in the mbs. Thus new thoughts feel and sound vaguely familiar even at inception.


2.  Forming Belief Infrastructures. Vibrationally-based structures form in the subconscious as thematically grouped thoughts are accepted as truth. There is a belief infrastructure supporting each belief held by an individual. Belief infrastructures are created  as:


a)Thoughts are played over and over until they are believed.


b)Thoughts attract other thoughts of a similar vibration and theme.


c)These thematically similar thoughts and their vibrations eventually become a semi-permanent etheric structure which is part of the mbs’s overall vibration. It is no longer necessary for a thought to be perceived by consciousness to have an effect. The vibration is constantly held by the individual. The belief infrastructure is activated whenever the subject arises, and its thoughts are considered “truth”, regardless of logic or evidence to the contrary.


d)The belief infrastructure creates reactionary behaviors and attracts life experiences.          


Example of a belief infrastructure:


When I am in my home, time always moves faster than in other places.

It is impossible to do all the things I must do without rushing.

I can never get caught up on my work because time won’t permit it.

Time is the enemy.

I will never have enough time.

The only solution is to rush.

My family and my friends have also noticed that time goes faster here at home.

[guilt vibrations play in the mbs while relaxing at home]

[vibrations of tension and stress while in the home]


Result: A person holding this belief infrastructure would experience a constant shortage of time while at home.

Note: many belief infrastructures have a dozen or more related thoughts attached.



3. Creating the impression that thoughts are generated by the mbs (rather than by maya)


a)       As an individual moves from infancy to childhood to adulthood, s/he becomes increasingly accustomed to perceiving her/himself and his/her world in the form of stories rather than direct perception. Maya-generated thoughts/stories  fit this model.


b)      Most thoughts are verbal, using a voice the thinker recognizes and considers to be his own, and voices of people close to him/her. It also may repeat verbatim sentences the thinker has spoken in physical reality.


c)      Visual thoughts show pictures of people and scenes that the thinker has seen in physical reality.


d)         Incidents referred to in thought are generally variations of incidents that have occurred in the thinker’s lived reality.


e)      Interest – The majority of thoughts are about the thinker or those connected with him/her in some way. Most thoughts, in various ways, seem to offer puzzle piece answers  to the eternal question: who am I? (ex. I like these shoes, I’m always late, she seems to dislike me, I need my phone, they know me in that store, etc.)


f)        Thoughts seem to be located physically within the mbs rather than coming from outside. Particularly in 3D, we believe our physical body defines who we are, and is a sovreign entity, separate from all else. The fact that thoughts appear to be inside the body create the impression that they originate in it and are “ours”.



Properties of Directed Thought


An individual focused in 5D uses a combination of maya-generated thought and directed thought. Directed thought is similar to a “manual version” of maya-generated thought. The individual chooses and sets forth thoughts, with the goal of manifesting certain outcomes and/or creating belief infrastructures from these chosen thoughts.


Directed thoughts, which are more or less aligned with the individual’s genuine desires, have the power of Source energy behind them. Genuine desire is the common denominator among all successful manifestations.[7] An individual who is accustomed to using directed thought is more likely to be aware of negative thoughts, and of his/her power to choose not to believe negative thoughts. When an individual ordinarily chooses thoughts carrying higher vibrations, s/he exists overall in a higher vibration, which attracts more positive life experiences.




1)the vibrations carried by directed thoughts impact the nervous system with a mild to strong positve flush. These are less jolting and therefore less attention-grabbing than the fear-based vibrations which accompany maya-generated thoughts.


2) an individual must exert repeated effort to purposefully insert these thoughts into the mind until they become part of the mind (belief infrastructures) and re-play themselves. Therefore, these thoughts can take more time and effort to seem “true” or “possible”  than maya-generated thoughts, which appear and repeat automatically.


For these reasons, directed thoughts are more likely to be considered wishful thinking, and not be truly believed by the thinker, rather than to be treated as genuine-wanting intentions set forth with the expectation that they will manifest. Maya is also likely to counteract these thoughts with negative thoughts.


Also, because the individual is selecting thoughts only on the specific subjects which are meaningful to him/her, the bulk of the beliefs s/he carries about her/his life and the world are still maya-generated.  Directed thoughts which would contradict belief infrastructures already in place might not be set forth.



Properties of The 7D Mind


When focused in 7D, the mind perceives the world/life through direct perception rather than through thoughts. The fundamental intellectual belief held by an individual in 7D is that God/Source energy is the cause of all things; therefore, rather than steering life with directed thoughts, the being aligns with Source energy and watches it steer his/her life.[8]


Alignment with Source energy occurs through recognizing it in the mbs. Because the material world, including the mbs itself, is continuously perceived through the ebb and flow of vibrations, the being is familiar with, and able to distinguish between, vibrations of pure source energy and vibrations which contain fear. When fear is present in the mbs, it is recognized as illusory. Source energy is recognized as the true self.


All experiences are seen as a reflection of, or communication with, spirit. During inspired ideas, thoughts in the form of words, images or impressions may arise. These inspired ideas hold vibrations of pure Source energy which resonate with the christ and for that reason, feel true.  Genuine-wanting desires, which arise from each individual’s christ seed, are clearly perceivable as there is no interference from fear-based vibrations.




III.  Manifestation and The Three Dimensions of Mind



The Absolute manifests whatever objects/circumstances we intend which are in alignment with our vibrational mix. Believing an idea to be true/believing it will occur is the same as intending that idea. Depending on which dimension the mind is focused in, our mind either helps or hinders our abilities to manifest the objects and life situations we desire.


An individual may set forth specific intentions, such as wanting to buy a new car or house. Purposefully setting forth an intention is part of 5D manifestation. Yet we are also continually manifesting the less dramatic events that make up our everyday life. How? In the moment after each and every thought interacts with our nervous system, the individual chooses whether to believe/accept that thought or not. Generally in 3d, the being chooses to believe thoughts which are already familiar, even if they are unpleasant. This is because thoughts which are familiar intellectually and vibrationally appear to be true.


To choose to believe that a thought is true is the same as setting an intention. Accepting it is true incites a reaction in the mbs, perhaps solely on the vibrational level, or perhaps it prompts a physical action. This reaction is the “expecting/allowing” part of manifestation. Accepting/believing in maya-generated  thoughts is the main way an individual focused in 3D manifests.[9]



 Maya-Generated Thought: “Once again I’m going to be up all night packing.” (these words are combined with visual images of the individual packing all night, and negative vibrations)


Choice #1 (3D Manifesting): The individual chooses to believe/accepts this to be true and sighs, preparing to stay up all night.


Result: The individual is up all night packing.



Choice #2 (5D Manifesting): The individual notices that this thought does not align with what he truly wants, chooses not to believe/accept it, and instead inserts a directed thought, “I will definitely finish by two a.m.” He packs expecting to finish by two.


Result: The individual finishes by the stated time.




Voice of the Christ: Knowingness


If thought is generated by maya, what part of our being is choosing which thoughts to believe?


Similar to a seed which blossoms into a flower, the christ is the vibrational seed which is at the core of the human being. Each person’s christ seed is an individualized blend of vibrations which is a perfect expression of source energy.  As human beings go from infancy to adulthood, most gradually accumulate belief infrastructures. The fear vibrations within these infrastructures join the christ to create the vibrational package that is the inner being. However, although the pure christ vibration may become just “one voice in the crowd”,  it still speaks.


Whenever the vibration of any aspect of life (such as a thought or physical experience,) matches/aligns with an individual’s christ vibration, it resonates. This is the sending forth from the inner being a vibrational spark called “knowingness “.  The individual may experience knowingness as a sensation of peace, a feeling of Yes!, goosebumps, or some other pleasant vibrational occurrence. Through direct perception, this spark registers in the mind. If the individual chooses to believe/accept this spark of knowingness, it becomes an intention. The individual may also choose to ignore it and allow maya-generated thoughts to cover it.


The clearer a being is – the fewer fear-based vibrations s/he is holding – the more frequently and clearly knowingness will resonate. In 7D, this spark of knowingness is the main factor behind all the decisions a being makes, big or small. When we are focused in 7D, our mind is continually perceiving the christ; thereofore  knowingness, which emanates from the christ, is a regular function of the mind in that dimension. However, even when we are focused in 3D, we receive a sensation of knowingness when presented with any idea, object or experience  that resonates with our nearly-buried christ vibration.



Summary of The Impact of The Three Dimensions of Mind on Manifesting


3D: When the being is relying on maya-generated thought:


1)      We are, unknowingly, calling for negative experiences by accepting/believing in fear-based  thoughts.


2)      We are unable to know what our true desires are because they are obscured by fear and belief in the need to acquiesce to personal or societal limitations. We may not recognize the significance of knowingness when we feel it in our mbs. Our intentions tend to be fear-based rather than based in genuine wanting.


3)      Our inner being’s constant fear-based vibratory mix attracts everyday experiences that match this mix.



5D: When the being is using  positive directed  thought:


            1) When this form of thought is used consistently, our vibratory mix contains more source energy which attracts more positive everyday experiences .


2) We attract more experiences which resonate with our christ, therefore we recognize knowingness and have more clarity about what we truly want. Our intentions tend to be genuine-wanting (which manifest) rather than fear-based (which do not manifest). As we witness our intentions manifesting, our awareness of our power of manifestation increases.


3) Our intentions are limited by belief infrastructures that we may not be fully aware that we are holding. For example, someone focused in 5D might believe in common fear-based societal paradigms such as “everybody grows old” “you must struggle to make money” “the body will die without food” etc. These limitations need not be problematic for beings whose christ seed’s intention is aligned with manifesting within normal societal boundaries.



7D: When the being is relying on direct perception:


1)      Knowingness/resonance with our christ vibration is the basic state of being, thus we are generally aware of genuine desires.


2)      There is no belief in thoughts, so we do not inadvertently put intention power into undesired maya-generated thoughts.


3)      Because we are not holding fear vibrations or beliefs in limitation, there are no blockages to our manifesting our desires.


4)      Not restricted by the boundaries of normal societal paradigms, the individual is aware of/believes in greater human potential. This would include the higher dimensional abilities often referred to in current channelings and which Jesus and other masters of the mbs have manifested.[10]






The yogic path traditionally requires that an individual explore her/his mind by wandering step by step through the maze of thought, perhaps for quite some time. No roadmap is given. Why the mystery? Because each journey through the mind is unique since each individual is unique. Also, because the focus required to traverse the mind excercises the muscles needed for multidimensional work. Step by step on the traditional path, the yogi reaches the level where the function of thought is comprehended and the mind begins to clear. No longer waylaid by thought, s/he recognizes her/himself as the christ (achieves self-realization) and from that grounded and secure position, can safely and effectively explore the higher dimensions.


Channeling would take us by airplane to the same destination. Its base assumption is that we are actually all unlimited, vibrational beings who are most at home in the higher dimensions. It does not bother with painstaking methods to arrive there; it explains our christ seed’s  innate abilities and tells us to go ahead, activate them. At this point in our evolution, as we take our first baby steps as vibrational beings while still seeing ourselves as physical bodies and still living with minds mired in thought, the instructions we receive from channeled entities can seem amazingly inspiring yet beyond our true concept of reality.


In my work with my partner and our guides we have found it is currently most effective to combine the knowledge of both traditions to create rapid yet grounded ascension into the higher dimensions. The first critical plateau that must be reached as we ascend toward our higher potentials is comprehension of the mind, that etheric mechanism which can either block or support the entire process. Once the mind is understood, self-realization can occur, after which the powers of the christ within us all appear more realistic and within our range of possibility.  We hope this study has been helpful in laying out a roadmap of the mind in order to assist individuals in setting forth intentions regarding their own ascension process.








[1] In this paper I alternate among the terms in order to combine the personified, living, conscious qualities which the word God evokes, with the neutral, electricity-like qualities the phrase Source energy connotes.

[2] Feelings/emotions are not given prominence in this study. This is because emotions are generally the third layer of manifestation after vibration and thought (emotions usually stem from thought). Therefore, understanding vibrations and thought, which this study focuses on, provides deeper insight into the fundamental workings of the being.  

[3] Source energy can only be directly experienced in the “now” or present moment. Experiencing a vibration directly is the equivalent of tasting ice cream. Thinking about God/Source energy is equivalent to reading a description of eating ice cream.  

[4] Vibrations can play in the mbs without thoughts attached but all thoughts are attached to one or more vibrations.

[5] The ascension teachers Abraham Hicks focus on teaching individuals to use directed thought/exist in 5D.

[6] The ascension teacher Eckhart Tolle teaches individuals to use direct perception/exist in 7D.

[7] See “Manifestation Keys” Christ et als. for details of the manifesting process.

[8] This does not mean that the individual focused in 7D either has no desires or that her/his desires are not taken into account. Rather, Source energy steers/creates that person’s life situations based on his/her genuine wanting. Genuine wanting comes not from thought but from the christ seed, which holds the intention of the being.

[9] Choosing to believe/accepting that an unpleasant thought is true is different from setting a fear-based intention. In fear-based intentions, the individual does Not believe that what s/he is intending is true; conversely, it does not feel like truth but s/he is trying to force it into existence. Choosing to believe a negative thought is true is similar to settting a genuine-wanting intention while in overall low vibration.


[10] The human mbs’ higher dimensional abilities are witnessed and discussed from a scientist’s perspective in Masters of the Far East by Baird Spaulding.