Super Octane Infrastructure Removal Guide

This guide explains fear-based infrastructures and how to remove them from the mindbody system. Note: If you are familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s work, these fear-based infrastructures are equivalent to Tolle’s “painbodies”. This method is for particularly hard-to-remove infras/painbodies. For more info on the relevance of this topic, see article entitled MindKeys.

A fear based infrastructure is a strong negative belief formed from a group of fear-based thoughts on the same subject. If there is no infrastructure activated within you, then you won’t have any fear thoughts or negative feelings. Infrastructures get their power from the human host believing the infrastructure is truth.

For example, let’s say the infrastructure is Time Is Running. Two people in a small town hear the church bells ring four times. One of the people hears the bells, casually notes, “Its four o’clock” and calmly continues his work. The idea of a shortage of time doesn’t enter his mind.

The other person hears the bells and he thinks something he has thought, heard from others, and said many times: Time Is Running. A physical sensation of fear grips his inner being. His mind fills with thoughts about everything he has to do today, tomorrow, and the following week. He feels helpless. He feels desperate. He tries to work faster, trying to outrun time. His attitude with others is impatient. He is angry at his work and irritated at anything that interrupts his work and steals his time. His body is tense. Because he doesn’t have the magic of source energy powering him when fear is present, there is no easy flow to his work. It is difficult, unpleasant. His focus is purely on beating time – he enjoys nothing that he’s doing except the occasional sensation that he’s moving fast enough, catching up.

If some little voice inside of him insists he take a break and have a cup of coffee, first he must convince himself that this cup of coffee is not purely for pleasure, it is necessary to help with his mission to outrun time. As he is drinking, his mind is agitated, worried about time running. At the end of the day he has somehow accomplished very little. He must do this again tomorrow. Deep down he gets an inexplicably negative feeling whenever the ideas of competition and performance pressure come up, and would claim he has structured his life as to avoid situations that contains those elements. His mind is so filled with thoughts about how ineffective he, and schemes to do a better job at outrunning time that he doesn’t see that this deep-rooted negativity is because he is competing with time and under performance pressure to win this race every minute of every day.

What makes his life so different from the first person’s is not that time itself runs differently, it is his belief that the Time Is Running infrastructure is truth.

Step 1: Recognizing Its An Infrastructure

Step One in removing any infrastructure is recognizing that it is an infrastructure and not truth. This can be tricky because 1) an infrastructure always feels like the absolute truth to the person hosting it and 2) since our beliefs create our reality, there is always physical proof that it is true, ie, for this man, time actually is running and he has proof of that – he can’t keep up. This appearance of truth is how the infrastructure manages to become part of the inner being.

For Step One, just watch your thoughts and vibrations for one or two days as you move through ordinary situations. Don’t try to alter anything, just notice when fear vibrations come up. (Note: fear vibrations = any feeling that is not love/peace. In other words, fear = anger, sadness, depression, helplessness, apathy, etc.)

Notice what thoughts accompany those feelings of fear. Notice what subjects they are about. If this observing is easy for you, you can also go into more detail, noticing if there are thoughts that you have heard before in your mind, if the thoughts are in your voice or someone else’s, and if there are thoughts which repeat. Notice in what parts of the body you physically feel the sensation of fear, and what it feels like. Notice if the thoughts are stronger at a certain time of day. Notice how you react to the fear thoughts.

Again, don’t try to change or suppress the thoughts or your behavior. Also, you don’t have to try and remember the details. Just focus on the big picture: What subject are the fear thoughts about? Try to come up with a precise descriptive title most of the thoughts could be grouped under (ie: Time Is Running, Career Fears, My Bad Luck With Money, I’m Trapped In My Life, etc.)

Step Two: Collecting The Thoughts

This crucial step can be compared to sweeping a room. If a room has a few crumbs in the corners, some dustballs under the table, shreds of paper beneath the cabinet, the fact that there’s a lot of debris might go unnoticed. You might notice a shred of paper or a dustball and throw it away. But its only when you get the broom and put some focus on sweeping it all into a pile that you can see how dirty the room really is, and get rid of all of it.

It doesn’t matter why an infrastructure has become part of your inner being – childhood traumas, insecurities, past life issues, etc. Trying to figure that out is like sweeping the dustballs from one side of the room to the other. What matters is that the infrastructure is creating your current reality and it can be removed. What matters is there is another version of every life situation which contains no fear vibration, and you have the power to choose that version. The fear free version is the version which contains the magic of source energy.

After you’ve spent a day or two watching the fear thoughts, you are ready to start sweeping them into a pile. You’ll need a few sheets of paper to write on. Later you’ll be reviewing the whole list a few times, which is easier if it’s written, but you could also use a recording device. Give yourself an hour of private time to begin work on this step.

I suggest you call in your guides/God/source energy to assist you with this process as you begin.

Write the title of your infrastructure at the top of the page (ie, “The Time Is Running” Infrastructure). Beneath that, write that you are writing down this infrastructure with the intention of releasing it from your being. If you prefer to do this verbally, say the words into your recorder. The main point of Step Two is to collect as many fear based thoughts as possible into a group.

Now, relax and wait for the thoughts to start appearing. You can jump-start the flow by recalling one of the thoughts you noticed, or by imagining yourself in situations which would ordinarily activate the fear. (Note: I strongly suggest doing this first session in private, with full focus. But you could also carry your pad or recorder around and note down thoughts as you go about your day.)

Most thoughts will be words and/or visuals combined with a fear vibration, but there may also be some sensations/ vibrations, symbols, beliefs, and impressions. Some thoughts may not seem particularly connected to the topic, but still write them down. As each thought appears, feel the fear vibration as you write it down. Write each as specifically as possible. For example:

-“Oh no, its already four o’clock. I’ve messed up and wasted half the day.”

-I hear my father’s voice telling someone I’m incompetent.

-My own voice, angrily telling a friend my father’s words.

-Sick feeling when I think of losing another day.

-I feel a gripping sensation in my chest as I realize it’s now five o’clock.

-Memory of a friend telling me she thought I would lose a competition – flash of anger.

-“Time is running.”

-List of things I should be doing right now instead of this.

-A remembered conversation among my family talking about how fast time seems to run in our town.

-Visual of the last time I was late and how angry the people were for waiting.

-Belief that I’m lazy.

Continue writing or recording the thoughts until it feels like you’ve gotten out as many as you can, then take a rest from it. Don’t make any attempt to change your thinking. As painful as it may be, its most effective to “keep the energy open” for at least two days. In fact, the more charged/true-feeling the infrastructure stays during Step Two, the more effective the process will be.

As you go about your day, more thoughts will appear. Write/record them in that moment if you can, jot down a quick note, or remember a keyword until you can get back to your list. Have another private session the next day, again letting thoughts flow and writing them. Before starting, read or listen to the thoughts on the list so far, feeling the fear vibration of each and noticing how “true” each feels.

Most infrastructures have between 50 and 100 separate thoughts, but its possible you may find many more on big infrastructures which are profoundly affecting your life. Try to get every little bit, even if some thoughts are almost identical. Also, if a thought you’ve already written appears in your mind more than twice, write it again. The more debris you sweep into your pile, the cleaner the room will be in the end.

Step 3: Releasing The Infrastructure

After 2 or 3 days of writing/recording thoughts, you’ll start to feel like you’ve gotten them all recorded. In a final private session, read/listen to them all one or two more times. As you read, pay attention to a few things:

-notice the fear vibration on each (which may have begun to diminish on some or all)

-see the whole group of thoughts as an infrastructure, an etheric (non-physical yet real) structure which has been living in you, as part of you.

-contemplate the idea that, if you had the choice, these are not thoughts/beliefs you would ideally choose to have on this subject. Then contemplate the idea that its your mind, so of course you have the choice of what thoughts appear in it.

-consider the idea that this group of negative thoughts has been creating your negative life situation, rather than the other way around.

After this contemplation, it’s time to officially release the infrastructure from your system. I suggest burning the pages. The point here is to obliterate them completely. If you’ve been recording, I suggest writing the title on a piece of paper and burning it, and erasing the recording. Say a few words of thanks to your guides/God/the universe for helping you to release this infrastructure from your system. As you watch the pages burn, imagine you can feel the infrastructure leaving your system.

(Note: It is possible that later, other infrastructures which are similar and even share some of the thoughts you saw on this one may arise. Making the titles very precise helps you to see that you’re not releasing the same exact infrastructure again. If you like to keep track of your progress, its fine to save a list of the titles.)

Step 4: Supporting The Release

During the following days, you will notice the infrastructure leaving your system. You’ll notice that in comparison to when you first watched the fear-based thoughts in Step 1, there are fewer, the fear vibration gets lighter, and you believe less and less that the thoughts, when you hear them, are truth. Note – this isn’t always a steady decline. Sometimes it levels off for a few days then suddenly drops away.

To help this process, I suggest:

-As you watch your inner realm while going about your day, whenever one of the old thoughts appears, use your inner voice to say, “That’s one of the thoughts from the infrastructure that’s releasing” or “That’s not mine.”

-Notice, with pleasure/excitement/gratitude, when the fear vibration you used to feel on a thought has lightened even a little bit, when there are fewer fear-based thoughts appearing than in previous days, and when there are any other signs of the infrastructure releasing.

-Contemplate: Think about an area of your life that runs smoothly and effortlessly. For example, perhaps you find that good foods to eat always appear without your having to do much, or that packing always is magically easy. Notice if there’s an infrastructure or any negative thoughts at all about this subject. Search your mind.

You’re likely to see that such an area has no infrastructure, and probably very few overall thoughts about it. This is how a life situation powered by source energy, rather than by fear, looks in the inner realms. Contemplate the idea that the area of your life that was run by the fear infrastructure has the potential of running this smoothly.

-Before going to sleep at night (or any other private time), play the What If Its True Game. Say to yourself, What if its true that this infrastructure is leaving my system? What if its true that soon I’m going to experience harmony in this area? and other statements that help you to feel your new mindstate and imagine your life on the other side of the infrastructure.

-Breathe in and out of the heart chakra, slowly and with focus on the pleasure, for a few minutes in the morning and evening, a few times after any fear thought appears, and as often as you remember during the day. This will help replace the old fear energy patterns with source energy.

Step 5: You May Be Tested

Anywhere between 3 and 7 days after releasing the infrastructure, you will notice that it appears to be about 90% gone. The old thoughts are now rare, and if there is any active fear charge, it is much lighter than before.

Particularly after a big, deeply rooted infrastructure appears to be gone or nearly gone, you may have an experience of it returning. This may be triggered by a situation or it may arise from nowhere. It will feel like the old infrastructure at its worst. All the fear you thought you had left behind seems to have returned, confirming the truth of the fearbased thoughts. This Is Only A Test.

If this happens, use your inner voice to repeatedly confirm that these thoughts are not yours, although you used to believe them you don’t anymore, the fear is not real, you choose peace, etc. Do the heart breathing. Stay as strong in the knowing as you can no matter how real the fear seems, and it will pass. In fact, it is happening to show you how far you’ve come, and that you now know what is true and what is fearbased illusion. If you get overwhelmed and briefly give into believing the fear, try not to make any decisions aligned with the fear. Just keep telling yourself it will pass, talking to your guides, heart breathing, etc.

If you find that you’ve believed in the fear and your confidence is shaken and/or the revived old thoughts continue to appear, it is best to do a mini-removal. Write down all the fear thoughts that you find yourself worrying about, once again giving it a title. When you’re sure they’re all written down, go through Step 3, Releasing The Infrastructure again. Treat yourself gently and with extra compassion for a few days. This is big, life-changing work you’re doing.

Step 6: No More Infrastructure

As amazing as it seems, soon there will come a day when you will only vaguely be able to recall what that infrastructure that used to control your life situation was all about! (By the way, its best not to try recalling it. No need to invite the fear back in.) Congratulations!