The World Enlightenment Plan

Okay Shiva, here it is… yes, i do feel the shift that’s starting to come by putting all this info out for the people to see..  
Phase II Overview: World Enlightenment

I. The aligned being and the aligned society
As we have learned in Phase I, nothing that the 3d mind believes is aligned/ the intended version, and just using the thought mind blocks us from being in our highest state. This is because the thought mind is a mutation that imitates Oneness/ the true partnership with god, giving the illusion that the individual (the I merged with the thought mind+body, which is what the 3d mind considers to be the individual) has the ability to control the creation of our life situations. 
In truth, as we have learned, in alignment the heart that is free from fear chooses what it wants to create for the body to experience, the I/ knowingness expects to receive what the heart has chosen, and when those two elements are in place, our guides create a life situation for us that matches our want. All of these elements of the mindbody system are necessary to the process of living and creating.
All creations (including each element of the mbs) are made from the substance of source energy, which is a conscious, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-inclusive energy which can be compared to electricity, only it is the electricity which brings things to life. Altho some things are not “alive” they all contain source energy, all things originate from Universal Mind/ source energy’s mind, and all things are given physical form thru the same process that life forms come to life, ie, begins as an idea that is wanted or believed, grows/ thickens in density, until it springs out of the etheric into the physical.
In this process, which is the process by which all objects and situations are created,  each individual is a sovereign being and needs nobody else’s permission or resources to create their chosen world. To create, one needs only to be in alignment (knowing truth + feeling love)…in this state what the heart (which chooses what it wants the body to experience) wants naturally springs into existence. Each individual has the ability to experience being the god/ creator of his/ her world, because each individual literally is god, this electricity-like energy, walking around in a human body, so of course it would have the power of god. 
In the current era, this information/ truth has been forgotten. This is because the mind which knows truth, the heart mind, which is directly connected to omniscient universal mind, is not used. Instead the thought mind is given the focus and belief in its power which is intended to go to the heartmind. 
We are in a phase called Armageddon, the end of 3d based society, when there is almost complete separation between the earthly elements of the mbs which the 3d I+ thought mind considers to be the individual, and the higher, unseen aspects of the compendium. Altho altogether they are one unit and cannot be separated, and each element is necessary for creating/ living in the intended harmonious state, the higher compendium is ignored by the mutated thought mind-led self, which does not have the ability to perceive energy and thus believes there is nothing, no higher compendium/ god, is really part of the mbs. Creation of his/her chosen situations and objects is imagined/ believed to be the responsibility of the 3d individual/ the I+thought mind+ body. 
The unseen elements are replaced, in the 3d individual’s belief, by money. Money is a substitute for god + guides/ the energy which brings things into the physical. When one has money, in the 3d belief model, one has the power of creation. 
Each individual creates his/her own world, ie, all of the experiences/ moments which make up your existence/ life are uniquely yours, created for you alone in alignment with your soul’s intentions and heart’s wants, by your compendium; however there is on Earth a shared backdrop. It as if you are each playing your own chosen game on a shared playground. This playground, Earth, is another perfected creation like the human mbs and is the backdrop which can support and nurture the holograms/ individual worlds/ unique experiences and creations of however many individuals are alive on the planet at any time. 
Your relationship to one another, other humans, is meant to support and expand your experience of life. You are each “children of god”, members of one family with unique yet equal personhood/ characteristics + ability to create. In aligned relationships/ interaction with other humans, you are inspired to create by others’ creations, you experience the wondrousness of humanity, which includes yourself, by seeing/ knowing others, you join to create mutual projects. You do not need another for survival or for creation of your world, so interaction with others is based only in enjoyment of the other/ of humanity. 
The most enjoyable state of interaction among humans is when the love vibration – which can be understood in a practical way as enjoying + valuing the other as a unique expression of god – is shared among two or more. Not only is this the most enjoyable state, it also is the main intended tool for human spiritual growth. 
When one human gives love to another during any sort of interaction (ie, thinking of the other, talking with the other, touching the other), s/he experiences spiritual growth/ expansion. To feel/ express love, which is a perceivable-to-every-human form of source energy which all humans are able to generate at will, is the way the human increases their love quotient/ amount of active source energy. To give love is to create an expansion of love/ source energy/ creative power within yourself. As one’s love quotient increases, s/he gains more ability to create and to enjoy, ie, becomes more aligned with god/ more god-like/ magical. 
In the intended state, all human interaction is rooted in knowing the value to the being of the expression of love… to feel love and give love to others is the intended, built-in, virtually effortless way to grow spiritually/ increase your power/ ability to manifest, as well as to increase the power of the other to whom you give love. There is no competition because there is no lack/ shortage of resources, and because one being’s creation/ creative expression can only inspire or expand the creation of another, it cannot block it.
II. Overview of 3d world 
[Note – in this section we will be discussing categories of beings by race and gender, which is necessary in order to understand 3d society. On 3d earth, it is taboo to discuss white men as a group; part of their power has been to present as race-neutral beings and beyond racial group analyzation, unlike all other groups. Altho in the future we will describe all beings mainly by the dimension they are part of (3d, 5d, 9d), for this overview it is necessary to recognize and acknowledge the important distinctions along race and gender lines on 3d earth.]
In the 3d world which does not perceive energetics, the power of love is unknown and deactivated. Altho every human being recognizes the value of love on a soul level when they experience it, and altho even 3d world songs and movies glorify love as the most important thing in life, love is rarely pure/ real (in 3d it is generally infected with jealousy, limits on who can receive love, etc.), is not really recognized, valued or understood as the empowerment and manifestation tool which it is.  
Rather than interacting thru the prism of love, the real power, in 3d individuals primarily interact thru the prism of money, the 3d mind’s imitation of power. Altho often family members and some friendships are exempt from the money prism and interaction is based on love, almost all other relationships and interactions in this era are rooted in the belief that one is trying to get money from the other, or expecting to extract value from the other for money that s/he has given. Love of the other is not part of the normal human interaction on 3d Earth. Even among friends, one’s money/ 3d power is a dividing line that separates individuals… it is accepted that one’s money is one’s private power source, not to be touched/ interfered with by even the closest friend.
In truth, money is just an object like any other, an object which can be understood as an attachment or rider, ie, an object which manifests as part of the package (when it is believed that money is required) for a desired manifestation. However, when money is believed to be a god-like power, it becomes a 3d element, blocking the power of love. They cannot be believed in simultaneously; if money is believed to be/ treated as, the manifesting power, one is in 3d regarding power. Only when love/ source energy is known to be the true power/ electricity creating manifestations, and money is in its correct place as an accessory to the manifestation package, is the being manifesting in alignment/ at his/her highest potential/ magically.
Why has love been so overlooked and misunderstood on Earth? This is because in the experiment which is now finishing, 3d man, which is the model of human being whose heartmind is virtually closed and who depends almost exclusively on the thought mind for identity and knowledge, has been in charge. Although 3d understanding about how the world works have spread to and been adopted by people of all races and nationalities in all corners of the world, as we have shown thru Phaedre’s post-ashram experiences with humanity, the pure 3d man vibration is anchored on Earth mainly thru straight white males, the group which has been the owners and rule makers of modern society. The accumulation of money, and gaining power/ authority over others — both concepts which make sense to and feel enjoyable and meaningful to one based in the thought mind, which believes in a lack and duality based world in which one (preferably oneself) must win and another (preferably the other) must inevitably lose — are the central components of the 3d pov, the measures of success of a life on 3d earth.
Thought mind knowledge, which is vastly limited in comparison to the knowledge which is accessed thru the heartmind’s connection with Universal Mind, and which always contains fear vibration/ limitation/ a sense of struggle and thus is not imbibed with magical source-aligned creative power, and which therefore creates an entirely different Earth experience than the intended love-aligned experience, has been considered to be real knowledge on 3d Earth. 3d knowledge is the knowledge which is taught in schools, which is considered valuable, which is assumed to be connected with power/ best able to produce money, and which is the creative force behind the structures and systems of 3d society such as government, science, the financial world, ownership of land, the custom of working for money as the focus of life. 
Many of these 3d structures and systems, such as money as a god-like power which each person needs to survive, and the system of aging (a belief system in which each person’s physical power gradually disintegrates) simply emanate from an inner setting tuned to duality/ struggle against resistance, rather than having been specifically designed by 3d man.
3d man established thought mind dominance/ dominance of his pov on Earth using aggression and hostility against other groups, which are all more heart-aligned.* He was able to do this for 3 reasons: 1) 3d man dominance on Earth was the experiment being carried out/ supported by the universe during the era, 2) heart-based models of humans took on 3d man’s fearbased beliefs/pov and thereby lost access to their own power of unlimited creation, and 3) shared 3d pov, ie, those who use the thought mind, which is a collective, conceptually limited mind, all believe basically the same concepts, creating the sense that the 3d man pov  is “correct”/ right because it is shared by many others. (note – an illustration of the 3d monolithic pov would be that the majority of 3d men for the past 100 years have worn the same outfit almost every day, a suit, tie and button front shirt… no other group has dressed, or would be likely to dress, in such a monolithic fashion).
[*altho straight white men are the main carriers of the pure 3d vibration, not all straight white men carry it (some individual straight white men are higher vibration 5d/7d and primarily use the heartmind).  Many members of other racial groups, particularly power-oriented males, also carry an almost pure 3d vibration, and most straight men in general retain a core connection to their 3d nature/ acceptance of the 3d world, thru their sexuality…the 3d societal system regarding sexuality allows men to have access to and control over female bodies, which is straight men’s central source of pleasure.  
However, most other groups, including gay white men, white women, and all other ethnic groups, are heartbased / 5d based cultures. This does not mean that all individuals who are members of these groups live as heartbased beings – most human on Earth have been infected by 3d fear and implanted with many 3d beliefs – but members of heartbased groups hold a cellular level understanding of the power and importance of love. To 5d beings, a world where all people treated one another as beloved family members and all had as their birthright enough food to eat and a comfortable place to live and war was nonexistent, would make far more sense than the struggle based world which they see around them. Those based in 3d are the only ones enjoying the 3d world and believing it is not only “the only choice possible” but that it basically works/ is fine as is; the 3d mind believes that those groups and individuals who are not winning within the 3d system as they are have flawed characters and deserve to lose at life.]
The 3d vibration can be understood as the complete and uncompromised belief that the nature of life is duality/ struggle, a struggle which is fought daily in all aspects of life, that doing whatever it takes to win that struggle makes sense; there is no thought of Oneness in the 3d mind. This belief justifies, validates and expands dependence on the thought mind and its ways of viewing the world, including seeing other people not as brothers but as competitors for limited resources. At this point, 5d beings are as likely as 3d beings to believe in the inevitablity of duality, altho they are more likely to find themselves losing the battle.
This struggle to survive/ win at life vibration can be seen in most little boys in the war/ battle/ competition games which it is in their nature to play. Struggle related activity – whether in sports, work, the sex game, or most other areas – can be recognized as giving most boys/ men pleasure/ a sense of identity.* This 3d vibration is part of the core male vibration and survives to some extent in nearly all men. However, in small boys and 5d men, this belief in struggle/ love of winning over others vibration is balanced by their heartmind/ love vibration (which allows them to feel love/ brotherhood and to recognize higher vibration info/ truth). In 3d men whose hearts are almost or fully closed, balance is nonexistent. Their entire worldview, their pov regarding their world and other people comes from the fearbased mind. It is these men who hold positions of power on 3d Earth and who defend and reap the benefits of 3d society.  
[*Feminism, which has been helpful in removing the limitations placed on women by 3d man, has had the affect of convincing many women that there are no important differences between men and women. In truth, altho women out of necessity in the 3d world have had to compete with men in battles for equal rights in society, a true love of struggle for survival is rare in women, whose mindbody form is heartbased and who thus have the ability to think with the heartmind, even if they do not value it because to use it seems to give them a disadvantage in 3d society.  Female nature is aligned with oneness rather than competition…when little girls play, their typical games are about cooperation, love, enjoyment of beauty (dolls, playing house, dress up, jumprope, etc.). The 5d male is closer to sharing women’s nature than he is to the 3d male nature.] 
III. The Shift
At this point in Earth’s history, a shift is occurring as the universal experiment of which humans on Earth are a part of, shifts. Altho we have called this Armageddon and it can be seen as the end of the 3d world, it is also the birth of a new Earth. In this next experiment, oneness/ the power of love comes into dominance.
Throughout Phase I, Phaedre has been following the public love-fear balance, particularly in the politcal world of America. Because of certain cultural characteristics (such as belief in American superiority, capitalism/ seeing money struggle as positive, lack of strong family cohesion [family connection among generations, which always contains some love vibration, is more traditional in Europe and gives the European 3d man a higher vibration],  America’s 3d man is of a particularly low/ 3d solid vibration/ is particularly evil (the vibration of evil = complete lack of love/ absence of treating the other as brother. The expression “money is the root of all evil” is because evil is nurtured and supported by the 3d money system, which replaces love for one another with fear and suspicion and wanting to win over the other). 
Phaedre has been witness to both the emergence of public awareness of the power of love, and of a rise in the level of 3d man’s evil, increasingly seen thru acts such as rampant police brutality, bankers and other corporate powers overtly cheating the public for personal gain, increase in laws which imprison heartbased people but let 3d people’s evil behavior go unpunished, the norm having become politicians working to harm rather than help the public, in order to gain money for their personal use. In effect, the American political, financial, and justice systems have become purely 3d, which is reflected in society in many ways such as frequent mass shootings and for many people, lack of access to enough money to live. This evil vibration can be seen all over the world in both evil/ anti-brotherhood acts by 3d corporate and government forces and in heartbased public uprisings against the oppressive 3d man-led systems.
Now is the moment when the power of love becomes dominant. At this moment in world history, the balance shifts as the power of love becomes the power which runs the world. Phase II of our project involves explaining the technicalities of the power of love, providing an intellectual basis for the great shift in individuals and systems. As we have often discussed with Phaedre, spreading the necessary information is best facilitated thru a grand public conversation about the innate human powers. To have the needed effect, the conversation must be led by those who hold those powers/ live in the dimension, and who have arrived there in adulthood rather than having been born into that state. 
As Phaedre has discussed, spreading this information using the channels of celebrity/ public recognition and interest, is most effective in this era. Why ? Because relatively few people (only those in 5d-7d) would elect to take a class on the subject of world enlightenment, leaving out the masses who are 5d-3d and capable of joining in a mass shift; because this will enable a constant flow of new information to enter the conversation; and because in this age of rapid and constant electronic communication, the human ability to focus on intellectual information has declined. Captivating soundbites powered by viewer interest/ enjoyment in the speaker are currently the most effective way to spread information on a mass scale; . 
The information that will be disseminated will be information on how to energetically shift various structures and systems within society to bring them into alignement with the love vibration rather than with fear and hatred. For example money is actually not intended to feel like a bludgeon, pummeling people into a submissive, broken state and turning them against one another in suspicion. Notice that money for a top level 3d man holds a different vibration than it does for the average person… for him it is a pleasure, it holds the vibration of validation of his power and success. Money does not feel like that to most people. However, it can be changed on an energetic level very effectively when two or more join in the  endeavor; when thousands and even millions join to change the vibration that money holds, the system of money changes.  
Because women are the group with the highest overall love quotient and familiarity with using the heart mind, this is the group that will lead the shift. Women’s love of improving themselves and their communities will combine with the urgency of this situation and create a powerful vortex of love energy. It is our suggestion that their inherent group power be shown to them by releasing the aging phenomenon from women as a group on a mass level. This will not only be something that many women will find irresistibly interesting to try, but both the release of aging from society and the activation of women’s belief in their actual power to change physical reality will invigorate and increase the group energy to be used for subsequent shifts of other societal systems.
Gradually the energetically re-purposed societal structures and systems will form a new world, a new higher vibration society on Earth. Increasingly women, who find their power of creation, their power to make a better world, is supported and unblocked in the New Earth structures and systems, become more and more focused in the new world, which is best understood as an experiment in the creative power of the love energy. 
They begin to release from 3d Earth entirely, something which is steered energetically using vibrational re-purposing, after which shifts occurs in the physical. Their ascension pulls the masses of men, who will not want to live on a planet without women, into their own heart openings and serious ascension paths.  
There will eventually be an unlimited number of holograms divided by focus/ purpose as well as by love quotient and accessible to those who hold compatible vibrations…each hologram sharing the Earth backdrop.  For example there will be the Venus Hologram, the home planet for women and for the study of the Woman vibration. Many women will travel between there and a hologram where love-based family life is practiced and brought to its perfected, intended state of harmony. Countless experiments in group creation thru the love vibration will take place, none in competition with any other, each sharing ideas and focused on enjoying life and expanding creatively. 
Those who do not align with love, who choose to stay living in the fear vibration of 3d earth, will find a continuation of the natural disasters and man made wars, poverty, crime, etc. Its vibration will be too low for it to intersect or interfere in any way with the New Earth holograms. 
Specific impulsing will be given regarding the unfolding of the information, much the way it occurred during Phase I.