This blog discusses the one project that seizes my interest now that the Obama campaign is over: The creation of a new planet/hologram for women, The Venus Hologram.

As a yogi and channel who studies the powers of the mind, I have come to understand that we have within our mindbody systems the ability to create anything. Women, in particular, whose higher chakras (heart, intuitive center, crown) tend to be activated, have all the tools to be master level manifestors. A large group of women could conceivably create our own planet. I have been receiving channeled information about this project for quite a while and am convinced it is both necessary and do-able.

In the title article on this blog, I discuss this idea at length. Although the idea of creating our own planet sounds fantastical, it is meant to be a very real project. I believe that as women understand more about this idea and its technical details, and begin talking and thinking about it, the Venus Hologram can and will become a physical reality.

I am posting information about the Venus Hologram, as well as general information about the mindbody system which I have discovered in my work.